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3DXSTAT™ ESD PETG 1kg is an advanced ESD-Safe compound designed for use in critical applications that require electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.  Made using cutting-edge multi-wall carbon nanotube technology, state of the art compounding technology, and precision extrusion processes.  Target surface resistance:  10^7 to 10^9 Ohm

  • Benefits of 3DXSTAT™ ESD-PETG include:

    • Superior Chemical Resistance vs. ABS • Amorphous: Low and near isotropic shrinkage • Low moisture absorption: 3X lower vs. ABS • Very low odor emitted during printing • Superior ductility vs. ABS • Wide processing range: 230 - 260°C • Consistent surface resistivity • Improved retention of impact & elongation • Low particulate contamination • Minimal contribution to outgassing and ionic contamination

    Chemical Resistance: Unstressed tensile bars molded of PETG exhibit good resistance to dilute aqueous solutions of mineral acids, bases, salts, and soaps, and to aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, and a variety of oils. Halogenated hydrocarbons, short chain length ketones, and aromatic hydrocarbons dissolve or swell the plastic.

  • Aplications

    Typical applications include:

    • Semi-con: HDD Components, Wafer Handling, Jigs, Casings, & Connectors

    • Industrial: Conveying, Metering, and Sensing applications

    Recommended Print Conditions:

    • Extruder: Ideally 230 to 260°C • Platform Temp: 60 to 90°C • Platform Prep: Clean glass w/ Kapton Tape, PVA-based glue, Hairspray